Review of Walmart Golf Clubs: Are You Actually Getting a Good Bargain?

walmart golf clubs

Considering getting some new golf clubs at Walmart? Learn what you need to know about Walmart golf clubs in our exclusive review of inexpensive golf clubs!

Are you considering buying Wal-Mart golf clubs?  With many of us struggling with our finances, we can’t help but try finding cheaper alternatives when our favorite club breaks.  We really want to get the name brand clubs, but spending over a $1,000 on a set of new clubs is just unrealistic when we are trouble paying our credit card and mortgage.  Seeing all the cheap alternatives at that Wal-Mart has to offer, we can’t help but be tempted by these low priced golf clubs. The question is, however, are the golf clubs at Wal-Mart really worth the money?

Review of Wal-Mart Golf Clubs

If you look at Wal-Mart’s website, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the options they have available today.  Many of these golf clubs look just like the clubs we see in most sporting good stores, with some of the brands even being names that we recognize.  With the low prices offered at Wal-Mart, why wouldn’t we want to get a cheap set of golf clubs?

Wal-Mart Golf Clubs: A Good Bargain?

While these golf clubs make look enticing, remember that just like most Wal-Mart products, they are cheap golf clubs.  After doing a bit of research ourselves, we were a bit disappointed (but not surprised) at what we had found about these golf clubs. Through our research, we found that:

  • Most of Wal-Mart’s Golf Clubs are Not Properly Balanced
  • Heads Were High Quality
  • Shaft’s Were Poorly Made
  • Most Wal-Mart Associated Knew Nothing About Sizing Golf Clubs
  • Limited Sizing Options

As golfers, we were quite surprised at how poorly made the shafts were in these golf clubs, even for some of the name brand golf clubs. For those who are just getting into golf, a properly made shaft is crucial for golfing since it helps with mishits.

Buying Inexpensive Golf Clubs

Personally, we would recommend not buying gold clubs from Wal-Mart.  Since the majority of Wal-Mart’s golf clubs are poor quality, we believe you can get a better deal elsewhere. If you are starting to take lessons, we recommend renting clubs to see which clubs work best for you.  Most instructors know how to properly size clubs to individuals, allowing you to purchase the right clubs when you are ready.  This will keep you wasting money upfront on clubs that may very well not work.

Once you are ready to buy golf clubs, we highly recommend checking out Dick’s Sporting Goods. At this well known sporting goods store, you can find the help you need when it comes to picking out the right clubs for you.  Dick’s carries quite a few options in clone golf clubs, allowing you to buy inexpensive clubs that will work for you.  You may even find that these golf clubs are even cheaper than Wal-Mart’s golf clubs, allowing you to save not only time, but money.

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rbmeoe February 1, 2013 at 8:04 am

Not surprized that walmart clubs are cheap in price AND cheap in quality. You can save a ton of money on name brand clubs by buying a set that is a year or two old technology. Not used clubs, but clubs that were made a couple years ago and there is still stock available. I got a set of Callaway Diablo Edge irons for my son 2 years ago. Excellent clubs at a good price, around $800. This christmas, I got the exact same set for myself for $300, brand new out of the box from Golfsmith. This may be pricey for a beginner, but if your serious about golfing, you can’t beat the price for the highest quality. Numerous other brands were available for similar price reductions before and after the holiday. Just like electronics, golf technology jumps ahead every 3 or 4 years, you can really save by getting equipment that isn’t “cutting edge” if you have patience and look around a little. And really, unless you are playing on the tour or looking to make a move to a professional level, do you really NEED the latest $500 driver and $1200 set of irons, or are you just trying to impress your playing buddies??!!

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