Types of Golf Games: Review of the Most Common Golf Games Played

types of golf games

Are you trying to learn the different types of golf games played at most country clubs? Discover the difference between match play, stroke play, and skins.

Trying to find out the different types of golf games? For people who are just getting into the sport, it can be confusing learning not only the different techniques, but the different types of games played.  There are literally dozens of different types of golf games that are played all over the world. While only a handful of these are played professionally, many are played at the club level at most golf courses.  Since there are so many types of golf games out there, it is easy to find the right type of golf game for everyone!

Review of the Types of Golf Games

While there are dozens of different types of golf games that are played throughout the country, most are variations of three common types of golf games. Today, the most popular types of golf games that are played at most country clubs and at the professional level include:

  • Match Play
  • Stroke Play
  • Skins

Most types of golf games are actually variations of these common games. To learn how to play most types of golf games, it is important that you start with learning these main types of golf games.

Types of Golf Games: Match Play

In match play, you play as either two players or two teams.  In this type of match, players compete again on another at every hole. The party with the lowest score wins the hole, no matter how many swings it took to make the hole.  To win the overall game, the player or the team with the most holes wins.  Out of all the types of golf games played, this is the most popular at the club level when it comes to competitions.

Types of Golf Games: Stroke Play

If you watch professional golf on television, this is the most common type of game played at the tournament level.  Every player competes for all 18 holes, with the total number of strokes countries toward seeing who has the lowest score.  The party with the lowest score wins the event.  Unlike other types of games, including match play, this type of event is usually played in teams of three, similar to the professional level.  For those not playing competitively, this is also a very common type of game that has a variety of different variations.

Types of Golf Games Skins

Out of all the different types of golf games, this can either be the most relaxed or most stressful, depending on if money or points are being rewarded for each hole won.  In this golf game, each hole is awarded a set amount of points or a money value, which can only be won by winning that individual hole. The person with the best score wins the hole.  If multiple people have the same score, the money for that hole is carried over the next hole, giving it the potential of the winner getting a very large cash prize.

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