Reshafting Golf Clubs: Tips & Reasons for Reshafting Your Clubs

reshafting golf clubs

Are you considering reshafting your golf clubs? When many people want to try out new shaft technology, the immediately start saving for new golf clubs.  While it is always fun to get new golf clubs, it isn’t always the most cost effective options, especially if your family is living on a budget. Rather than spend your hard earned money on new golf clubs, you can always redo your own golf clubs by reshafting them.  While some people think reshaftering your golf clubs is impossible, it can be done with a bit of patience and practice.

Review of Reshafting Golf Clubs

If you change your own grips on your golf clubs, you are likely used to doing some custom work to your clubs.  Many people fear that doing custom work to their clubs runs the risk of damaging them, something that is normally not the case, especially if you doing some reading on any custom work first.  As well, some places that sell part for golf clubs, especially shafts, are willing to do the work for you.  Just realize that this service may cost a small fee. One of the most common custom add-ons to clubs is reshafting golf clubs, allowing players to try the latest technology that is currently out in the golfing world.

Best Reasons for Reshafting Golf Clubs

When it comes to Reshafting your golf clubs, many people are nervous that the work isn’t worth the overall benefit.  Having tried quite a few golf clubs on the market, we feel that many golfers spend way too much for their golf clubs, especially when they can be changing their shafts for the latest technology out that year.  While technology in the golfing world is always changing, most of it doesn’t change fast enough to justify the cost of new golf clubs, especially if you bought high end golf clubs in the first place.

By reshafting your own golf clubs, you are able to try out the latest shafts at only a fraction of the price, especially if you are willing to reshafter your clubs on your own.  Players who have decided to go through the process of reshafting their own golf clubs have found that the process can cost them only 0 to 20% of the cost of new clubs, leaving them with much more room to purchase other golfing supplies.

Best Tutorials for Reshafting Golf Clubs

The number one trick to reshafting your own golf clubs is knowing where to find high end tutorials that you can trust. Some of the best come with pictures and outlets where you can ask for questions.  Some of the best sites with tutorials for reshafting your own golf clubs include:

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