Review of Reebok Larceny Goalie Pads: Advantages & Drawbacks

larceny goalie pads

Have your eyes on some new larceny goalie pads? Read our exclusive review of larceny goalie pads & learn what every goalie should know about these new pads!

Have you been seriously considering buying the new 2011 larceny goalie pads by Reebok? For years, Reebok has been known to be one of the very best makers of goalie pads.  While they have always been known for their quality, there has been a great deal of hype about the larceny goalie pads being possibly the best pads to date being put out by Reebok.  Many of the people that have reviewed these pads have claimed that they are the best thing since the inventions of bread and butter. The question is, are they really worth the money for real players?

Review of Larceny Goalie Pads: The Truth

If there is one thing that gets the attention of every hockey players, it is a well known brand putting out new equipment.  We all want the latest and greatest piece of equipment, especially if it may give us more protection or improve our game.  We have personally always had a soft spot for Reebok.  To be honest, we really wanted to like these larceny goalie pads, but in truth, we consider them only slightly above average, especially after talking to many players who have tried out Reebok’s new Larceny goalie pads.  While they have been an overall improvement for some of Reebok’s lines, we wouldn’t go jumping to buy these just yet.

Drawbacks to the Reebok Larceny Goalie Pads

While there is quite a bit of hype about the Reebok Larceny goalie pads, we believe that most of it is marketing.  Some of the issues we had with the Larceny goalie pads include:

  • Bulky Feel & Look
  • Made Overseas (unlike some other products
  • Few Custom Options
  • Odd Sizing That Doesn’t Match Other Reebok Products
  • Not the Quality of Canadian Counterparts

Rating the Reebok Larceny Goalie Pads

After trying out the Reebok Larceny goalie pads, we have to admit that we were impressed with some of its features. Like most Reebok gear, it is made of high quality materials, something you would expect to keep you safe during a tough game, especially if you are playing competitive hockey.  What we loved the most about these goalie pads are their flexibility.  Since the pads are a bit wider, we feel that they give players more leeway room.

While we also did like the catcher glove in this set, it did not seem all that impressive, especially compared to other brands.  Overall, we would give the gloves a 3 out of five stars, since we felt the Reebok Larceny goalie pads could use some design improvement. Unless you are determined to try out the Reebok Larceny goalie pads, we recommend waiting until the next year’s model for possible improvements.

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