Review of Lacrosse Positions: Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse Positions

lacrosse positions

Trying to learn more about lacrosse to understand the game? Learn the different lacrosse positions & how they effect men’s and women’s lacrosse in our guide!

For people who are first getting into the sport, lacrosse can seem like a very confusing sport.  When people see a lacrosse game for the first time, they usually compare it to being a mix between football and hockey.  While it may not be as much of a full contact sport, it is very exciting to watch.  To understand more of what is going on during the game, it is important to understand the different lacrosse positions and how each type of lacrosse is different with these positions.

Review of Lacrosse Positions

Seeing lacrosse for the first time can be both exciting and confusing.  Once many people think they know the game, they find themselves ore confused when they see how different the two games are played between the men’s and women’s lacrosse games. If you think they seem like different games, you are likely right since they do follow very different rules.  When it comes to lacrosse, it is best to think of them as three different games:

  • Men’s Lacrosse
  • Women’s Lacrosse
  • Box Lacrosse

Different Lacrosse Positions

When you watch lacrosse, there are four lacrosse positions that will be in any type of lacrosse game. These positions include:

  • Midfielders (Middy’s) – In many ways, these are some of the most athletic players on the field, since they wander the entire area.  Their main purpose is not only to be defensive, but to transition the ball to other players. These are easily the most active players on a team.
  • Attack-men – Unlike middy’s, these players are restricted, spending most of the time on the opponents side and unable to move across the midfield line.  These players are very agile and skilled with their sticks since they must be able to not only set up a goal, but score.
  • Defense-men (Long Poles) – These are the enforcers on the field, determining if the opponent is allowed to attack on the field.  They are usually much more physical and defend their part of the field. Since they must predict and disrupt plays, they are considered one of the most important members of the team.
  • Goaltenders (Goalies) – In lacrosse, this position is considered to be not only a defender, but a leader. They can usually be seen barking orders to the defense to try protecting their goal.  Since their job is to stop a ball going over 100 mph, their job is taken very seriously and they are expected to be nearly perfect on the field.

Types of Lacrosse & Lacrosse Positions

In many ways, box lacrosse is likely one of the most different since it has less players than the other two, being at only six players.  Since most lacrosse games are field lacrosse, it is more important to understand the lacrosse positions for both men and women.

The main difference between men and women’s field lacrosse is the number of players.  In men’s lacrosse, you will always see 10 players, where in women’s lacrosse there are 12 players.  Usually in women’s lacrosse these extra players will be midfielders.  Other than these two extra players, there isn’t any difference in lacrosse positions between the three types.


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