Golf Club Distance Chart: Guide to Finding an Acurate Distance Chart

golf club distance chart

Having problems finding an accurate golf club distance chart? Discover where you can find the most accurate distance charts online and drop strokes fast!

If you are new to playing golf, you know that there is quite a bit involved in determining distance to the pin and club selection.  Speed of swing is important, but the type club your using makes the biggest difference in distance.  This can be extremely frustrating for some players, especially as they are trying to learn how they can improve their game. Distance is usually a problem that many players have, especially when this is combined with bad form.  While we may not be able to help you with your form, we can help you learn what you need for determining the right club for the situation, especially when it comes to getting the most distance with your golf clubs.

Best Golf Club Distance Chart

If you are new to golf, you know that many golf clubs distance charts on boxes are confusing.  Not only are they not labeled well, but most seem to not be very accurate. This is very frustrating for new golfers who are trying to determine which clubs are the best for certain situations.  One of the best ways of doing this is by looking at golf club distance chart since they tell you what distance you can expect with certain clubs, as well as your own important information.

Best Accurate Golf Club Distance Charts

The problem we have faced over the years is finding accurate golf club distance charts. Many charts claim to be accurate, but once you double check the facts, you find that they just copied another company’s chart.  This is really only a problem if the chart they copied was inaccurate, causing problems for everyone involved.  Luckily, there are some golf club distance charts that are accurate.  If you are looking for a good golf club distance chart, you will probably like some of our favorites, including:

All of these well known sites are known for checking their facts and having accurate information.  If you have any questions about their data, always feel free to message the companies, since they are always happy to answer any questions you may, especially about their golf club distance chart.

Best Individual Golf Club Distance Chart

For individuals who are looking for a golf club distance chart to improve their own game, we recommend going to a golf club distance calculator.  Rather than just have an average chart, you can have a chart designed special for you.  Our most favorite of these charts is CSG Network Golf Club Distance Chart Calculator.  Not only is this golf club distance chart accurate, but it allows players to see also how their game can improve over time.

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